Smart Push Notification System

Complete notification system for all popular platforms Facebook Messenger, Facebook notifications, Newsletter, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Samsung browser and Firefox.

Why you should use it in lines
Create one campaign to sending all popular platforms and devices
Read the campaign analysis from one place for all platforms
Buy a lifetime license and save your money paying monthly subscriptions for different service providers
System doesn't need big server resources. install it on your shared hosting
Compatible with high speedy PHP 7 & Nginx
Support Paypal & Stripe as payment gateways

With this system you have your own push notification system like any service providers but to send with no limit because system connects directly with Apple, Google and any platform servers to send the push notification messages . It is an excellent choice for mobile applications owner and mobile development companies who want to provide this service for their mobile apps clients and gain profits so system provides a white label to brand your company .

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  • Support Facebook Messenger, Facebook notifications, Newsletter, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Samsung browser and Firefox
  • Desktop push notification quick integration so your clients can integrate with your system by putting one line in their HTML page
  • Track campaigns views and clicks for every platform
  • Track open emails for Newsletter campaigns
  • Design your own subscription page header, colors and backgroud
  • How to videos for every configurations
  • Facebook login button to collect your subscribers emails and information
  • Graphic statistics for every campaign
  • Link your RSS feeds like Wordpress posts, Facebook posts, Twitter or any website has RSS feeds to create campaigns automatically for every new feed
  • Create Auto Responder campaigns
  • Support Apache and Nginx
  • Auto Geo-Zone campaigns for sending an auto message once a device located in a selected area
  • Scheduled campaigns for auto sending messages in a selected date and time
  • Repeater campaigns for auto sending messages in a selected date and time with a repeater times
  • Support localization: this system is very easy to localize by translating one .PO file
  • Amazing email builder for Newsletter platform
  • Send newsletter emails using SMTP to inbox
  • Get Facebook Messenger subscribers when anyone of page followers send a message to you or subscribe in your Messenger bot automatically.
  • Get Facebook notification subscribers when anyone install or play your Facebook app automatically.
  • Collect email addresess from subscribers when login using Facebook login button in the subscription page automatically.
  • Collect Facebook users information like gender, full name and country automatically.
  • Invoices and payments system to manage your clients accounts
  • Divide the resources for each client by creating packages with special resources and prices
  • Ability to add a preset Geo-Zones
  • Amazing auto-update feature to update your system automatically when we will release any new versions
  • White label and making your brand
  • Different popup box layouts
  • Support welcome notification messages
  • Categorize the subscribers by using the segments feature
  • Powerful daily graph statistics for clients and system admins to log any sent, received, new or invalid message and devices
  • Detailed reports for each sent message includes number of sent messages for each platform and the message status number of success and failures
  • Dynamic parameters to add any custom info for your development apps
  • Abiltiy to customize the dashboard CSS design to suit your brand
  • Multiple applications with different platforms for each client
  • Smart algorithms to save your server resources and serve a huge numbers of clients apps
  • Connect and send the messages in queue system which prevents any overloads on server
  • Handling any errors from servers while sending operation
  • Integration with Geo-location servers to get the device GPS location automatically
  • Support center to provide support for your clients
  • Email alerts for each actions and ability to manage your email templates
  • Full Paypal integration for payments processes
  • Smart to cut your message if it exceeds the allowed size from Apple
  • Very easy to setup, Very easy to use
  • Graph statistics for clients and income
  • Task manager to manage your staff tasks
  • Newsletter to send your clients and your staff
  • Maintenance tools to help you optimzing and back-up your DB
  • A powerful dashboard with a fancy and responsive design to work from any device size
  • Send Facebook Messenger messages
  • Send Facebook notifications messages
  • Send emails and build newsletter
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