why 10 key features

Built to Provide The Best Perfomance and Manage Big Data

Send Web Push Notifications With Light Speed

NodeJS & PHP multi-thread

Or serverless through Firebase (instant delivery)


reach all platforms with one click

web push notification

mobile push notification

Facebook Messenger

Facebook notifications

Viber notifications

SMS professional system

Telegram bot and messaging

newsletter: email marketing

Facebook pages posts

Instagram posts

Twitter: publish status

WhatsApp: send messages


one system for multi purposes

Get more visitors, keep the conversation going

Save your money paying monthly subscriptions for different service providers

Have one system only does everything about marketing

Provides professional service to clients and start earning money

White-label option to provide services under your brand

Professional payment, invoices and membership system

Multi payment gateways Paypal, Stripe and 2Checkout

System can manage unlimited number of clients and every client can run unlimited number of apps

Support center between clients and administrator

No third-party providers no hidden costs, you're the provider


powerful campaign builder

help you building a successful marketing campaign

One campaign for all platforms

Analytics stats for each campaign

Create schedule campaigns

Filter the subscribers by their information like name, age, country and city etc..

Auto geo-fence zones to send subscribers automatically when located in a selected area

Target subscribers by their area on maps

Auto-responder campaigns when an action happens like new subscriber or the subscriber do an action in your website

Auto publish campaigns from RSS sources

Target the subscribers by their segmentation

Support emoji smileys

Web notification live preview

Powerful email design builder

Mobile push notification payload builder


advanced application creator tool

Configure all platforms from one place

Different popup designs, layouts and positions

Localize the subscription page and popup

Support RTL languages

Design and build your own subscription page

Add dynamic fields to collect any user's information

Display segments so subscribers choose their interests

Enable GPS location to collect the subscribers GPS locations

Show email field to collect user's emails for newsletter platform

Show Facebook login button to collect data for FB notifications and newsletter platforms


web push notification

increase the users engagement between each other and create a fast hub notifications to gain very effective users

Desktop Chrome, Opera, Safari & Firefox

Support Samsung Browser mobile app

Mobile Android Chrome, Opera & Firefox browser apps

Track views and clicks

Auto disable any invalid subscribers

Support getting GPS location

Customize message big image & direction

Customize badge & sound for mobile

Support push notification actions

Display offline messages


mobile push notification

reach your subscribers everywhere by sending push messages to your mobile app

Support iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Support BlackBerry 10

Connects directly with Google, Apple and any push server

Display and handle connection errors with servers

Read devices feedback from servers

Support getting GPS locating

Auto disable invalid devices

Compatible with Firebase

Customize iOS badge, sound & lock key

Customize Android title, icon & sound

Import old devices CSV files easy from old providers



own a professional newsletter system

Import emails subscribers CSV files easy

Track link clicks and views

Unsubscribe link in emails for users

Configure your own SMTP server

Use your own Gmail email to send

Powerful email builder

Email templates to quick start

Visual stats for every campaign


Facebook notifications, Messenger, Telegram & viber

have one of most powerful marketing tool to engage with customers very safe & fast

100% inbox messages

Auto add FB Messenger subscribers when receive a message

Auto add FB notifications subscribers when install your FB app

Auto add Vibers contacts as subscribers when receive a message

Auto add Telegram contacts as subscribers when receive a message

Track clicks and views

Visual stats for every campaign


easy to use

Create one campaign to sending all platforms and devices

Track the campaign performance from one place for all platforms

Very powerful campaign builder page

Easy integration with any website with one line only

WordPress plugin to integrate easily with WordPress sites

Visual stats to tracking everything clicks, views, new subscribers, exit subscribers etc...

Update your system with one click only

Very easy to localize the all system

How to videos for every configurations

Transfer easy from OneSignal and other providers


strong performance & optimized load

Awesome! Option to send out web push using Node JS & PHP mutli-thread 100x fast.

Smart algorithms to save your server resources and serve a huge numbers of clients apps

Execute all processes in queues

Well designed database infrastructure

System has its own cache system on database and HTTP request level

Support high speedy PHP 7.3

Support Apache and Nginx