Smart Car Finder

Smart vehicles directory software built on Laravel PHP framework, easy customisable for any vehicle specs.

  • Supports PHP 8.0
  • Built on Laravel PHP framework.
  • Optimized the speed performance by Redis cache.
  • Supports dual language.
  • Easy localization tool from the admin dashboard.
  • Supports email newsletter, web push and mobile push subscription.
  • Easy build email newsletter and push notifications campaigns from the admin dashboard.
  • Search engine supports searching through the dynamic specs and taxonomies with the ability to save the search query for the user to receive any new results in the future.
  • Auto send web push notifications for the user search results once there are new results available.
  • Auto post Twitter and Facebook updates when publish new data from the admin dashboard.
  • Easy set the pages titles and descriptions to enhance the SEO.
  • SEO Doctor tool to manage all SEO configurations from one page.
  • System is ready for any vehicles types like cars, motorcycles, ships, buses etc...
  • Ability to add any vehicle type specifications.
  • Set custom titles and icons for the vehicle specifications.
  • News component to publish any articles about the cars.
  • Events component to write about the car events.
  • Careers component to post jobs and review the applicants from the admin dashboard.
  • Complete ADs system to display ADs at anywhere in your website pages.
  • Administrator privileges and permissions to access any module in the admin dashboard.
  • Easy build the menu items in the header and footer of the website.
  • A feature to compare between the vehicles specifications.
  • Users can bookmark any vehicle.
  • Add and publish any custom pages.
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